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The Bold Student Podcast

May 11, 2022

How do we develop confidence and assertiveness in all aspects of our life?


In today’s episode, Talia Bombola, a licensed therapist in the state of California and a Confidence and Assertiveness specialist joins us to help us navigate this conversation. From what she does as a confidence and assertiveness specialist to the ideal ways in which parents can cultivate a not-so-harsh inner critic in their children, Talia shares her wisdom on these important topics.


This is an important conversation for anyone who is interested in psychotherapy, developing more confidence, and reframing the idea of failure.


What We Cover:

  • What is a confidence and assertiveness specialist?
  • How to navigate the conversation of finding a therapist
  • What is the ideal way to cultivate a not-so-harsh inner critic in your children?
  • How the role of a neutral adult comes into play
  • Advice on gap years and how to detach from the idea of failure from a licensed therapist


Connect with Talia:





“I think really slowing down and letting that explorative phase take as much time as it needs and provide as much guidance as possible. That's the key.” - Talia Bombola


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